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Commercial Solar Power Systems

Solar Nexus

is Sydney’s trusted CEC accredited installer

There are many reasons to install commercial solar energy systems and to be honest there has never been a more affordable time for businesses to save money! Apart from the financial benefits of producing your energy you are also doing your part in reducing your carbon footprint.

Why go commercial solar?

The price of commercial solar power has dropped significantly over recent years, whilst at the same time the cost of electricity supply has increased. With the continued rise of electricity prices around Australia many businesses take comfort in the fact they can potentially become self-sustainable.

Whether you’re purchasing a small 6kw system for your office or buying a large 50kw system for your commercial premises, Solar Nexus can help you every step of the way. Solar is a free source of energy and with government rebates that are in place there has never been a better time to upgrade your business to solar.

Why Choose

Solar Nexus?

Solar Nexus has both the knowledge and experience to provide businesses with solar solutions that allow them to become self-sustainable at lower costs. The value of installing a solar system, will increase overtime and therefore allow businesses to really thrive in their specific industry.

Solar Nexus has the technology to allow commercial enterprise to capture vast amounts of energy to ensure these businesses have the ability to become self-sustainable or significantly independent of energy providers.

Go Green

with Solar Nexus

Acquiring solar energy is a step closer to a sustainable future through a highly renewable energy source. Solar energy not only is cost efficient but also reduces the company’s carbon footprint through access of clean energy.

This will lead to a reduction in the use of the world’s depleting fossil fuels resources, reduce usage to the electricity grid and will allow the company the opportunity to become self-sustainable. Going green allows for a potential move into creating an eco-friendly environment. The contribution of installing a solar system is to help pave a way for the next generation.


Of our Commercial Installations

The Future

of Power is Solar

This is the time to go for solar and take back control of your power bills. With electricity prices rising continuously in NSW and many other rising costs for business there has never been a more crucial time to lower your overheads. 

Our process is simple and our solar specialists will take care of the process. From the initial call, site inspection, system design and finally installation our team aim to make the entire process simple and streamlined as possible.

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