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6-8KW Solar Systems

An Aussie favourite

that delivers high energy yields

6.6 – 8 kilowatt (kW) solar systems are one of the most sought after domestic solar systems in Australia with many customers choosing these systems due to the high energy yields and great value for money that our systems deliver.

A modern day solar system will typically have between 15 and 19 panels requiring approximately 25-35m2 of roof space. Various factors need to be considered when choosing panels including the wattage of each panel as well as roof position. Our solar specialists will be able to assist with this.

Efficient, Durable & Reliable

Our 6.6kW solar systems are designed to achieve high levels of efficiency as well as being weather resistant and durable under high daily demand.

The 5kW Solar panel system will provide enough power for small to medium size family home or a small business.

If you’re looking for a solar system in Sydney or just about anywhere else in Australia than Solar Nexus are your one stop Solar Panel Installation service provider.

All of our technology and designs meet the demands and requirements of the Australian environment and market. In addition Solar Nexus offer flexible finance options on all of our quality solar products so you can be assured that when choosing a 6.6kW solar system you are buying the very best.

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