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Solar Systems

With Solar Nexus!

Become self-sustainable & independent of energy providers

Slash your power bills by going solar! Solar Nexus can provide you with a custom solar system and battery to harness the full potential of the sun, day or night! Acquiring solar energy is a step closer to a sustainable future through a highly renewable energy source. Solar energy not only is cost efficient but also reduces your carbon footprint through access of clean energy. It’s a great way to save your hard-earned dollars and it’s good for the planet. Start saving today with Solar Nexus.
solar panel with battery

Save Money

With a Residential Solar System

With the rising cost of energy bills, Solar systems are a fantastic way so save money on your Aussie energy bills. With Australian electricity prices are among the highest in the world and these are only going to increase. Solar Power systems give you more control over how much energy you can generate for both your home and the energy network.

Solar systems are low maintenance and a clever way to save on your traditional energy bill. With consideration to how much sun we receive here in Australia, choosing solar is both smart and a sustainable option for many Australian homeowners.

Choosing the right residential

solar panel system

Our experienced Solar Installation team will be able to assist you in selecting the right solar system that fits within your requirements. Whether that is to simply become carbon neutral offsetting your typical energy consumption or to be completely self-reliant so that your no longer dependant on electricity providers, Solar Nexus have the ability to personalise a wide range of solar solutions.

Solar Nexus sell a wide range of solar power solutions that makes getting solar easier for homeowners and first home buyers.


Solar Nexus

Solar Nexus is a turnkey solar company with a wide range or residential solar products and services that are designed and installed for you. When choosing Solar Nexus you can Buy with confidence knowing that all of our workmanship is backed by our 10 year quality guarantee as well as performance warranties of between 25 and 30 years.

With easy finance options and fast delivery we can have your solar system delivered and installed quickly and efficiently. To discuss your options we encourage you to call our friendly team today who can assist you with the entire process.

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