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Powow Power Purchase Agreement

Get a complete

Solar energy system for $0 upfront

Solar Nexus is happy to offer our customers the opportunity to take advantage of the popular Powow Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). It is the easiest way to power your home with solar.

Lots of homeowners would love a solar energy system, but have previously been turned off by high costs. But thanks to the Powow PPA, not only is the system easily affordable, we’ll also guarantee that your system will perform to the output specified from Day 1… we’ll also guarantee that your system will perform flawlessly from Day 1.


How does

the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) work?

It’s simple. You get all of the benefits of solar at home, without the upfront costs, maintenance worries, or rising power bills. All up, you’ll get instant savings, a predictable monthly energy bill, and the system is yours for $1 at the end of the ten year term so you can continue to enjoy free solar power.

  1. Powow provides and installs your solar energy solution for $0 upfront.
  2. Once it’s installed, connected and tested, you’ll enjoy power for a price that’ll give you savings from day 1.
  3. Each month, you’ll have greater certainty over your power costs too, as you’re replacing grid-priced power with your own rooftop solar instead

Boost your savings even more

by joining our Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

By choosing to connect your home solar energy to our Virtual Power Plant, you can make even more money from your solar. Available to all customers, our smart technology monitors both your solar energy and the power grid, and automatically takes advantage of opportunities to sell your excess power for a premium.

How much? Try $0.45 per KWh (that’s a massive 6X times the Australian average of what you’d normally get paid*). It’s just another way that Nexus & Powow makes it even easier to afford solar energy at home.

Here’s how one of our customers is already making money!

General electricity bill

$1073 / qtr

Powow solar system

6kW panel +
10kWh solar energy

Bill after installation

New bill
$106/ qtr
PPA payments
$439/ qtr
$2,100 / yr
Plus with a VPP, you could add an average of $200 in extra savings.

Watch your savings

Grow with the Powow app

  • Our state-of-the-art smartphone app makes it easy for you to see your:
  • System performance – how it’s going each day
  • Home energy usage – know how much energy you’re using
  • Savings – watch your savings increase
  • Get support, whenever you need it

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