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Solar Energy Storage Lets
You Become Self-Sustainable

With Solar Nexus!

creates a revenue stream!

Imagine the feeling of no power bills. With VPP, customers see the world differently, because they recognise there is an energy revolution happening. They understand the future needs to be sustainable and want to create real change. They want the source of electricity generation to be as important as the price. They are looking for an energy solution that turns their home energy system into an income instead of a cost. 

When you partner with Solar Nexus, you belong to a special group of customers who have recognised the need for change! The planet is facing a crisis of unprecedented scale and they understand renewable energy not only saves money over time it can also change our planet. That is why VPP is the solution. We know it will enable our world to change energy consumption for the better. That is a great feeling.


How does VPP trading work

By converting your home power to a Solar Solar Nexus solution. Nobody else in the world has developed software that takes your solar power system and makes it work like a smart energy trader. We sell your stored energy back to the grid timed at the perfect moment to make the most income for you.


Your Solar powered home becomes a VPP (Virtual Power Plant) with a DE recommended battery and inverter combination.


Your home charges the solar battery which stores energy and powers your home 24hrs a day. The Inverter is connected to DE specialised software.


Our revolutionary cloud based software monitors your inverter and the grids energy demand. At the optimum moment the software sells your excess power back to the Grid maximising your energy income.


Using The DE Insights mobile app you can easily track the trades and your income statements from the comfort of your phone. You can decide to trade yourself when the time is right.

Exclusive VPP

Customer benefits

  • Discounts - Guaranteed discounts apply to your usage charges and you can earn further discounts on your usage charges when you pay on time.

  • VPP Smart - Premium solar feed-in rate plus profit sharing on trades using your stored solar energy.

  • Free Solar Energy Recharges**

  • 24/7 Online Account Management - You can manage your account and check your usage online 24/7 using My Account or the DE app.

  • No Exit Fee or Lock in Contract - This is an open contract. You may terminate at any time without any exit fees or penalties.

  • 12 Months of Benefit with no lock-in contracts! - Take advantage of great benefits for 12 months.

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