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Solar System Maintenance,
Servicing & Panel Cleaning

Looking after your valuable

Solar panels & equipment ensures a long working life!

When it comes to the maintenance of solar systems you can be rest assured all maintenance will be carried out according to manufacturing guidelines and warranty policy.

Whether you’re running a residential 6.6kw solar system or large commercial solar system, regular solar maintenance is essential to ensure your system is operating on peak performance at all times. Our solar monitoring system can analyse and help you identify performance related issues that may be related to dead or dirty cells and ageing components. 

Solar Nexus is the agent for Cleantecs GmbH of Germany

Solar Nexus is the agent for Cleantecs GmbH of Germany who are the market leaders when it comes to solar panel cleaning solution. Our cleaning solutions from Cleantecs will guarantee a good outcome and safe protection of your solar panels when applied. This will prevent any further degradation of your panels and maximise its lifespan.

Whether its for residential or large commercial cleaning, we guarantee you an outcome that will continue to provide high efficiency for a maximum return on your solar investment.

Clentecs cleaning system


It is no longer a secret that solar and photovoltaic systems need regular cleaning. Almost every system needs to be cleaned regularly. After cleaning, the additional yield of your photovoltaic system amounts to between 3% and 30% (depending on the degree of soiling).

Particularly in the case of agricultural and industrial areas, and roads which carry a lot of traffic, heavy soiling is not uncommon. This means that the system produces less electricity and thus generates fewer feed-in tariffs. Only a clean system brings you full returns and reduces follow-up costs.


With SOLA-TECS C, Cleantecs offers a professional solution for cleaning and maintaining solar and photovoltaic systems. Motorless technology is used here, with brush rollers spun by a high-pressure cleaner. With their compact design, support weight and guidance via a telescopic lance, the mobile devices guarantee quick and easy cleaning of all photovoltaic systems. But the solar cleaners also achieve brilliant results in other areas, whether it’s in glass and building cleaning or in winter garden cleaning.

Applying The Sola-Tec W

Do you want to clean your PV system from the roof and have safe access to the roof ridge? Does your system have a roof pitch of at least 5°? Then the SOLA-TECS W is exactly the right PV cleaning system. Here, the brush roller is lowered from the roof ridge with a high-pressure hose and pulled up again.

This technology enables an immense range in solar cleaning as well as fast and economic cleaning of largescale PV systems. Especially at locations that are exposed to heavy soiling, such as in agriculture, trade, industry, and on a private building. In agriculture, dust from adjacent arable land and exhaust air from stables are the main sources of soiling.



The SOLA-TECS W is a cleaning solution that, thanks to innovative safety devices guarantees that even stubborn dirt is efficiently removed. We have additionally installed guide rollers for gentle and safe cleaning. These protect the solar installation and your system and enable the brush to be guided even better beyond the edge of the module. Thus, in one step, the lowest module edge cleaned.

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